1. Some of the things I've been drawing for other people

    This was something I quickly knocked up today.

    It was inspired by an episode of an awesome podcast, Historians of Time, done by some friends of mine in a comedy group called the Invention of Dragons. Check them out at http://www.facebook.com/InventionOfDragons

    Also the other day I ...

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  2. Yay, Narcissism

    Here are some headshots I took, so that I can get all those illustrious acting jobs.

    If you know someone who's looking to hire someone who can shout real loud and is occasionally funny, let them know I'm interested.

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  3. Comedy... It's hard

    I just got off stage doing some open mic stand up stuff. Jokes are difficult.

    But I found something. It's a feeling guys. That transcendent moment when the thought I just had distills into setup and punchline. The feeling of future laughs, echoing through time. I had one joke ...

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  4. Over a month

    I've been gone too long. I fell in a hole somewhere and forgot to get out again.

    But I'm back. And I bring skills, I learnt to make Gifs. Look at this one of my housemate doing a dance.

    This post is short to allow me to ease ...

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