Comic - One Shots

  1. Duty

    Did some impro tonight and was inspired to make this.

    I don't know if the joke is funny but i'm really happy with how it turned out visually. If I'd angled the axe head the right way the first panel is almost exactly how I was imagining ...

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  2. Angler Beast

    I really hope this works how I hope it does.

    Wanted to ad text but I thought it worked well without it. Imagine something along the lines of distant cousin to the angler fish, i discovered this one night, it wasn't dark and stormy but it was soon just ...

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  3. Shoes

    The birds are just jealous because it's almost impossible to find shoes to fit talons. They forget that the have talons, which are better than shoes in all the ways, except for getting service at pubs and clubs.

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  4. The Point

    I hope this makes some sort of sense. It's supposed to be about economical writing, getting to the point and not letting logic and all my complex thoughts and points of view get in too much of the way of the funny. It's not that I shouldn't ...

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