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  1. Site Re-Relaunch

    The best of intentions do not amount to anything without action. The "relaunch" was not a success. Obviously. This is the first post I've made since the site went live on Github.

    Part (and only part, I still have some motivation and procrastination issues to deal with) of the ...

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  2. Hey, look at that

    that there, in the url bar/tab. A new favicon. That's what I did to the website today.

    Also the Jetpack plugin is bad, and blocks things. Any problems you have with the media pages should be gone now.

    Speaking of the media page; I somehow performed the popcorn ...

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  3. Now it's a website

    So I have wasted enough time making the site presentable.

    Spent the last couple of days just playing with the layout and CSS. There's still a few niggly things that annoy me but I've definitely reached the point where I can walk away from it and be happy ...

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  4. Welcome

    Hello there,

    You've landed on this page which means you're probably someone I know. Hey you, sorry we haven't talked in so long, we should definitely catch up soon.

    Anyway, enjoy the ride, ridicule me harshly. Updates will be sporadic but I'll try to keep them ...

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